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The new EU directive to retrofit all vehicles first registered after January 1 2000.

The regulation stipulates that all vehicles over 3.5 tons need to be fitted with new wide angle (class IV) and kerb mirrors (class V), that meet with the new legislation, by the 31 march 2009, this is in addition to the front view mirror introduced in January 2007.

The new directive improves the driver’s visibility of pedestrians or cyclists when the vehicle is making left turn (right hand drive vehicles) or right turn (left hand drive vehicles).

March 31 is closer than you think, so planned annual service times are the perfect time to have the mirrors fitted, the longer you leave it, the more demand will be as march 2009 approaches.

Insurer calls for blind spot mirrors.

Insurance giant Norwich union is urging truck operators to take stronger action to prevent their vehicles being involved in an accident with cyclists or risk being prosecuted for health and safety breaches.

Norwich union insist that transport companies should press ahead with retrofitting close proximity mirrors to their vehicles now , rather than wait for the mandatory fitment under European law by march 31 2009.

UNITRUCK already have the full range of mirrors in stock to comply with this directive.